July 11, 2014



Harry Potter characters as Disney characters by Makani.


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July 7, 2014
Lewis Marvelly Illustrations


So with the help of my friend Rose, I finally got around to making a facebook page to promote and sell my art! Likes and signal boosting would be much appreciated.

At the moment there’s only photos of some of the prints I did to sell at my end of year exhibition, but if you like them then they are for sale! (oh yeah, did I mention that I’m graduating this month? Well I am, with a 2:2 in illustration!)

Some examples:

I plan on uploading more images as soon as I find my external harddrive, as it seems to have gone on a walkabouts when I moved back from Uni…

(also special thanks again to Rose who, as well as poking me and buying my artwork, also photographed the rest of my work which came out looking far better than if I were taking the photos as I know buggerall about photography)

June 23, 2014


The Magical Calendar is one of the most amazing pieces of art and information available in Western Hermeticism.

Published in 1620, the Magical Calendar contains tables of correspondences arranged by number from one to twelve. They are based in part on extensive tables in Agrippa, book 2, chapters 4-14 but go well beyond anything in Agrippa, especially sigils. The engraving was executed by the brilliant Johannes Theodorus de Bry who illustrated other important occult works such as those of Robert Fludd. The author was Johann Baptista Großchedel. Carlos Gilly has identified the original manuscript on which the printed Magical Calendar was based as British Library manuscript Harley 3420.

Adam McLean published a wonderful study of it in The Magical Calendar: A Synthesis of Magical Symbolism from the Seventeenth-Century Renaissance of Medieval Occultism (available via amazon.com)

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June 16, 2014


Goni Montes

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June 9, 2014


Very cool—but still a little creepy—robot characters from artist dd Jiménez

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June 4, 2014




Long before the Maleficent movie, Disney released a hilarious book called My Side of the Story where Maleficent and Aurora both told their respective sides of the story with some great illustrations. Maleficent claims of course she was only looking out for Aurora and Phillip’s best interests, despite those pesky fairies. And poor Phillip is constantly described by both sides as always being a total mess and “smelling like a horse.” (Also Aurora says he has dimples so deep you could ”plant corn in them” and “deep enough to mine for gold.”)


i wanna see this book omg

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June 1, 2014



Since there’s  a compilation post or two going around, I figure’d I’d make one myself of just my personal favorites from the project- you know, in hopes that it will circulate and replace some of the illos that are hard for me to look at ;)

Illustrations from the Curse of Maleficent

Nick knocking it out of the park with his illustrations for the Curse of Maleficent tie-in novel, UGH SO GOOD

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May 29, 2014


my childhood russian edition of lord of the rings had the most amazing, medievally styled illustrations by sergey yuhimov. 

i haven’t appreciated them when i was a child (i obviously wanted something more aesthetically obvious), but now i think they’re just - really badass. going to upload all i could find, in three posts.

part 2

part 3

May 29, 2014


quasy medieval tolkien illustrations by sergey yuhimov, part 2.

part 1 here,

part 3

May 29, 2014


quasy medieval tolkien illustrations by sergey yuhinov, part 3.

part 1

part 2